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Integrated Dental Center redesign by Div Pixel

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Whenever powerful search engines like Google make a change to their algorithm, web developers must also change. Because of this Google has the power to change the way we think about web design and the Internet itself. Integrated Dental made a desicion to have DivPixel redesign their site in order to stay updated and to avoid moving further down in the Google search results page. If you have a responsive site you are relevant, if you don't you are simply irrelevant.

Reason for redesign: 

Outdated website

Not responsive

No clear objective



Responsive framework

CTA's (Calls to Action)

Google Analytics

Logical placement of content
Search Engine Friendly Design 
Anti hacking software 

Blogging software 


Easy to find content

Increased number of calls

Clean design

Improved representation of dental practice


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Roberto is a seventeen year veteran of the internet and a first generation web designer. He's also the founder of Exxia.Net and Div Pixel Web Design. He currently advises corporations on how to create websites with a well defined mission in order to achieve online success. He can be reached at