What is a CMS

A content management system or (CMS) is web-based software for publishing and managing content on a website. It is not meant for the public or business owner to install. It does require installing a database and more important you really need to know where to host such a structure.

There are two sides to a CMS: The administrator side which is where you (the end user) will edit add or delete content (text and pictures). The front side is what visitors to the website will see. A CMS opens a lot of doors when it comes to expanding a website, it can easily accept modules and add-ons such as mortgage calculators or booking systems for B&B's or small resorts. But just to be clear, that's not all a cms can do. It can also allow a third party to add content to your website, it is meant for a great collaborating environment that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and from any device. Just a few years ago, if you wanted interactivity on your website you either had to start from scratch or pay for custom programming, with a cms it can easily be added at a fraction of the price.

The feature that our clients take the most advantage of would be text and picture management. If you have worked with Excel or Word the interface of a cms will be highly familiar. For example, you can reduce the cost of adding a new page by just doing it yourself in a few seconds. Also as a option you can always contact us if you feel certain tasks are beyond your capabilities.

The CMS' we use are open source which means that a great many developers are familiar with it and it can be managed by anyone to make any changes by using any device. It also means that it can be updated for free, all you pay for is our time spent updating.

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